NYHET ! DataLocker DL4 FE

(FIPS Edition)

The DL4 FE is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified device built around a powerful AES 256-bit cryptographic hardware architecture that then adds layer after layer of security with automated policies that intelligently change its security posture based on its location, how it’s being used, and the type of data being stored on it. The DL4 FE is a TAA compliant device that meets the strictest security requirements while offering large-capacity (up to 15.3 TB) and an easy-to-use touchscreen for setup and use. A powerful addition to the DataLocker line of securely managed solutions, the DL4 FE continues our proud tradition of providing Simply SecureTM solutions, plus it’s backed by a limited 3-year warranty

Powerful Encryption Right Out Of The Box
Everything you need to encrypt data is built into the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria certified (pending*) DL4 FE. No drivers. No setup. Just iron-clad, hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption in an easy-to-use interface, which is further guarded by an army of automated security policies.

Never Risk Losing Your Data
Remote management policies with SafeConsole® lets admins remotely lock, erase or render devices unusable with remote device detonate, destroying all data in cases of attempted theft. SilentKill™ further gives users a special code to destroy the device’s encrypted data in case of emergencies.

Ensure User Adoption With Easy-to-Use Touchscreen
A color touchscreen gives end-users quick access to secure data and allows them to customize their device. On-screen instructions make setup fast and easy. Randomized keypad layout with letters, numbers and special characters prevents surface analysis of fingerprints or prevents threat actors from guessing a repeated input pattern.

Remotely Manage & Audit Your Entire Fleet
All DL4 FE drives are remotely manageable with SafeConsole, giving admins the ability to remotely lock or wipe drives, reset passwords, view last-used locations, and see what data has been added, removed, or changed on the drive. Set device or group-specific policies for all the drives in your fleet.


FIPS 140-2 LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATION True device level 3 certification with a Common Criteria EAL5+ certified controller inside. Provides always-on hardwarebased encryption. Dedicated AES 256-bit XTS mode crypto engine meets rigorous cryptographic standards and is more secure than softwarebased alternatives. Hardened internals and enclosure for increased physical security.

SILENTKILL™ Allow users under duress to destroy the device or the stored data without leaving traces by entering a special code (admin configurable).

FULLY MANAGEABLE DEVICE Use DataLocker SafeConsole to manage individual and groups of devices using automated policies.

ADMIN POLICIES & USER DATA RECOVERY Admins can set rigorous password policies (nonsequential, non-repeating special characters, minimum characters). Should users forget a password, admins can unlock the DL4 FE using the admin password. Admins can also recover the user’s data by logging in with the admin password. The user will be forced to reset their password upon their next use.

BRUTE FORCE PASSWORD PROTECTION When in use, admins can configure how many failed password attempts are needed before the device destroys its payload.

NOTHING TO INSTALL All encryption, administration, and authentication performed on the DL4 FE unit. This means devices in standalone mode don’t require a software agent; they work right out of the box.



REMOTE DEVICE DETONATION Lets admins functionally destroy the device and its data remotely to protect against data or encryption key theft (Admin configurable. Requires SafeConsole).

ON BOARD ANTI-MALWARE Automatically scans files and quarantines/destroys bad apps/files based on policy settings (optional upgrade. Requires SafeConsole).

DATA GEOFENCING SafeConsole uses geofencing, trusted networks, and ZoneBuilder to ensure a device changes its security posture based on its location (Admin configurable. Requires SafeConsole).

COMPREHENSIVE AUDIT CAPABILITIES Have a complete record of file activity (including name changes on the device), password attempts, device locations and machines, device health, and policies in force (Admin configurable. Requires SafeConsole).


Datalocker DL4 FE DatasheetDatalocker DL4 FE User Manual


CAPACITIES SSD: 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 7.6 TB, 15.3 TB HDD: 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB

DIMENSIONS L: 12.3 cm W: 7.7 cm H: 2.1 cm L: 4.8’’ W: 3’’ H: .82’’

WEIGHT .65/lbs / 294 grams and up

PHYSICAL SECURITY Kensington Security Slot™ Hardened internals and enclosure

CRYPTOGRAPHIC PROCESS FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Device and Common Criteria cPP certification pending. AES 256-bit XTS hardware encryption onboard. Integrates a Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified secure microprocessor.

INTERFACE USB-C on the device, compatible with USB 3.2, USB 2.0 (8 TB drives and under) (USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C cables included)

TRANSFER SPEEDS USB-C 3.2: 150 MB/s read, 100 MB/s write USB 2.0: 40 Mb/s Read, 20 MB/s Write



OS COMPATIBILITY Microsoft Windows, macOS®, Linux® or any machine that supports a USB mass storage device.


DEVICE LANGUAGES English, French, German, Spanish

WARRANTY 3-year limited warranty

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