NYHET – Hiddn Kryptodisk 2 – SSD

Hiddn Kryptodisk 2 - SSD - 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

The Norwegian Crypto Vendor Hiddn has come out With a New Product – Kryptodisk 2.

Kryptodisk 2 is en external USB 3.1 drive with two factor authentiction and SSD drive.

The Product is approved for use witin Norwegian Public Services and are ready for delivery NOW !!

KryptoDisk – Selfkey (B,S)

This is the ideal product if you want to be in control of your data, PIN and PUK.

KryptoDisk user primary and user data restore

With this solution you have an extra

set of cards with PIN/PUK that you can keep in a safe place in case Your key card is lost or stolen.

KryptoDisk KMS

By replacing the Hiddn “Selfkey” smart card with a managed smart card the IT department can keep

control of keys, units and users.

Enabling a safe USB environment

KryptoDisk is the perfect solution for transportation of data between the office and home, for travelling

with sensitive data, for working between office branches and for moving sensitive data between

systems and platforms

Easy to use

KryptoDisk comes with a bright, easy to read OLED display that informs the user about the status

of the Device.

Plug and Play

KryptoDisk can be used straight out of the box and does not require any software or drivers to

be installed prior to use. It is compatible with various operating systems (OS). Before first time

use you will need to format the KryptoDisk. Our installation guide will guide you through this


Two-factor authentication

The smart card and the Secret passphrase are the two factors required to be granted access to the

data. Something you have and something you know – the same security level commonly used for

access your bank account.

Bootable secure environment

KryptoDisk operates either as a generic external storage or as a bootable external disk. A secure

bootable disk make it possible to use virtually any computer and still operate in a secure environment.

Data Recovery

An unfortunate user entering the wrong PIN/passphrase too many times does not have to face

erased data, but may still recover from the situation of a locked storage device by entering the PUK.


Users can change PIN/PUK. A PUK can reopen the smart card and the user can set a new

PIN/PUK. To many failed attempts to enter PUK will permanently lock the smart card and erase all data.

Password attack protection

All data encryption keys are stored in Common Criteria EAL + certified tokens (smart cards).


Kryptodisk 2 Datasheet

Encryption algorithm AES-256

Interface USB 3.1

Approvals FIPS 140-2 LEVEL 3

Capacities 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1TB

Authentication mode 7-16 digit PIN + smart card

Read / Write


Brute-force defense

2-factor authentication


Resistant to keyloggers

Encryption key stored separately

Transfer speed 80 MB/s


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