[hiddn]™ LapTop 1+

PC / Laptop encryption

Encryption for laptops

Hiddn Security delivers the most advanced security solution for those wanting to safeguard information, data and applications on a laptop. Our patented solution consists of an encrypted hard drive that comes together with an encryption chip in the computer. This makes it easy to use, simple to administrate, and ensures the best data protection commercially available.

Full hardware encryption, AES 256
• Keys outside the PC/laptop.
• User friendly

Ultrabook compatible

The [hiddn]™ Laptop 1+ is an ideal drop-in replacement for your laptop’s 2.5” disk. Only 7mm thick, this disk will fit in even the slimmest Ultrabook.

Total protection of data

All [hiddn]™ products utilizes military grade AES 256-bit encryption algorithm combined with secure and validated Smart Card technology for storing data AES encryption keys, thus when the system is shut down, there is no keys in your Computer that can be compromised. [hiddn]™ implements AES encryption keys and algorithm in hardware in solutions for protection of data-at-rest. With [hiddn]™ hardware encryption from HDD, your data is Temper resistant, you can reduce the classification level and handling requirements of your data when your laptop is powered off. The [hiddn]™ solution is cost-efficient and user friendly!

Strong Two-factor Authentication

The Smart Card and the secret password are the two factors required to be granted access to the data, assure users their data is protected by the highest level of security in the marketplace. Something you have and something you know – the same security level commonly used for access to your bank account e.g. via an ATM. Why settle for less?

Data recovery

An unfortunate user entering the wrong PIN/passphrase too many times, does not have to face erased data, but may still recover from the situation of a locked storage device by entering the PUK.

By means of a PUK a new passphrase can be defined and you are back in business immediately. This is a much more friendly approach than deleting the data encryption keys, which will require system reinstallation and backup recovery

Key Management

The [hiddn]™ Key Management System keep control of keys, units and users. The administrator can define authentication policies and facilitate key escrow, a proactive

solution anticipating the future need for access to keys.

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Technical Specifications: CAPACITIES: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1024GB
SIZE: 7.0 x 69.85 x 100.45 mm (according to SFF-8201 std)
Designed, Manufactured
and Assembled in Norway

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